Efficient, effective and humane problem solving are the highest callings of a true legal counselor.



An Efficient, Client-Centered Dispute Resolution Philosophy


Sometimes an advocate has to aggressively fight for the rights of his or her client through litigation. This is an inescapable fact of life in our complex, modern society. However, avoiding conflicts, and resolving the ones that arise efficiently and fairly, is often the best counsel, given most peoples’ rational financial priorities and risk tolerances. In many instances, well-drafted contracts can prevent disputes from escalating into lawsuits by clearly and carefully detailing the rights and responsibilities of the parties and defining the consequences in case of default.


A true counselor will know how to aggressively litigate a case, this is essential when people are determined to overreach and act unjustly but, understanding the cost and disruption this decision can bring to his or her client, a true counselor will look first to avoid disputes through careful contracting and, if that fails, through tenaciously negotiating a resolution. Only if negotiation is, or becomes, futile will a seasoned counselor recommend that most clients incur the added costs, time, and uncertainty involved with litigation.


At the Law Offices of Shadrach G. Neiss, ltd. every effort is made to resolve our clients' legal problems in the most cost-effective and humane manner possible, giving particular attention to our clients' individual needs and the circumstances of their case. Sometimes, resolutions can be reached with only a letter, or two, from our firm. If you are not sure about your legal rights, call today for a free phone consultation and move forward with all the information you need to make the best choice for yourself and your busines.

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