Shadrach G. Neiss

Attorney & Counselor at Law, ltd.

From the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast, a Loyal and Dedicated Counselor and Advocate for the Complexities of Modern Life

To Northeast Ohio and the Florida Keys:

At the Law Offices of Shadrach G. Neiss, it is our priority to faithfully and efficiently counsel our clients through the legal complexities of modern life. Our practice includes business law, with a focus on real estate, and general civil and criminal divisions, where we both advise our clients on life’s legal challenges, and advocate for their rights through tenacious negotiation, litigation, and appellate advocacy when necessary.

Our goal is to provide uncommon commitment and effective advocacy for our clients at an affordable price. We offer a free initial phone consultation, so please call if you need general advice or if you have a specific problem that we can help with.

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